Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As I went out the door for a recovery run I was concerned about how I would feel. With the hard effort yesterday and the nagging aches and pains, some unwilling to be resolved, I was kind of worried I may be in trouble. But! I felt pretty good! My body was able to get going and I put in 4.7 miles easy. I am encouraged by this recovery run.
The weather is wonderful! 54 degrees! Sunny blue skies! Like a heat wave! Upper sixties and even seventies are predicted for the rest of the week. That is good news!
I've decided not to run anymore short races before the marathon. I think they can be a test of fitness but not the best gauge for a marathon prediction. I will run a half marathon March 28th. That is the longest race besides a 5K in my area?! I guess the 5k is more appealing to the masses.
I still have a nagging doubt that I am missing an important component in my training program.
Perhaps it's just negativity but I wonder if I can break four hours in the marathon. The main point of contention is "Do I have enough training miles logged at Marathon pace?"
Here's my schedule this week:
4.3 easy -Monday
12 medium distance Tuesday- increased to and better than marathon pace for nine miles-
4.7-easy -Wednesday
5-6 Thursday -easy probably 9:52's
6-8- Friday -Track day-MP push That's a continuous VO2 max+lactic threshold run-hold marathon pace for 400 meters-push to 10k/5k pace for 400 meters-repeat for as many laps as possible-hope 20 all together.
That is a potential 40+ mile week
One thing about it...I'm trying-Peace

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