Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today the sun is shining, the temps are balmy, and the blustery South breeze is welcomed! I put on a singlet and shorts, with my new Kayano 15's and headed out the door with an attitude!
I was gonna run for an hour or so and like it! I really did, too. 5.8 miles in 55:30. I'm still taking it easy, looking forward to track day tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be a zoo there with the temps as high as they're getting.
When I came in and took off the wet top I saw tan lines already! Wow, it's only March and I'm tanning up already. Ever since I was a kid I always tanned good. Back in my day we were always outdoors until dark, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. I really love Summer!
I'm encouraged by my attitude recovery, and my physical recovery. One of the major drawbacks to growing older is the body really does take longer to recover, but it still does! Amazing!!
One of my favorite sayings as a Leader is "Be in season." Think about it? Example: I saw an older Gentleman today tilling up his garden. He's laying the foundation for his crop. What season are you in? It goes for every aspect of life. Growth season, consolidation season, harvest get the picture. This is a stabilizer when life throws you a curve! Be in season!

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