Friday, March 6, 2009

Track day

Track day! Always fun and enjoyable. Today the kids were out in force! The track was busy. I was unable to run on the inside track most of the time so the times are a little long. Doesn't matter, it is what it is... Due to the 80, yes, 80 degree temperature I guess the body said no to the MP Push. Instead I did four repeats at around 15K pace. 1X2000 meters 10:44.87,
1X1600 8:21.95, 1X2000 10:19.58, 1X1600 8:17.18. I really didn't feel it today? I guess the sinus headache I was dealing with yesterday fatigued me some.I never like to take medicine because I have a very low tolerance for drugs. Drugs really zap me! But I took some anyway and I've been light headed all day, the headache is gone, though!
All in all it was a good and productive workout. The marathon requires ability to sustain effort just below LT and this run will be a good training effort.
Looking at the weeks training I really need an 8 miler tomorrow. I'm still wondering if I've got enough mileage to break four hours? Can it be done with just barely logging 40 a week?
We will see. Keep runnin'! Peace

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Shilingi-Moja said...

So, you really like track repeats? Those are the bits of my training program that I dread the most. Pushing almost to the max, and then repeating it. Whoa! Good workout for you, though. I haven't tried a ladder-type workout.


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