Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stranger than Fiction?

How could I run nearly as well today as on the track yesterday? Temps are a bit cooler, yet the wind is horrendous, out of the SW at 30-37mph!
I ran as I felt even though the legs are definitely tired; I felt strong! A two mile warm-up then I just let it rip. Two boys shooting hoops stopped to look at the old timer running! I said "work hard and you can do anything your heart desires." One said "Thanks!" That felt good to encourage someone. I knocked of a bunch of sub 9's so I'm again, encouraged, my training seems to be producing results. 8 miles in 1:14.36-9:19's or so.
40.9 miles for the week. Tomorrow is an off day, yeah right! Sundays are the hardest effort of the week for me!
I am going to work hard to rest, hydrate, and be ready for the most important run-a 21 miler on Monday. Breaking four hours is a pretty big goal I think. That means I have to knock off 36 minutes off of my last marathon. This I know: I could of never run 8 miles at this pace last year!
My youngest son is coming home for Spring break. I haven't seen that boy for two months! I miss him and am looking forward to seeing him this evening. He is an outstanding young man! Excels in studies, handsome, the cream of the crop! Both my sons are fine, fine young men.
I'll post some pics some day soon.


Luis Delgado said...

as well as working hard, hard to preach the second coming of Christ.

Mark said...

Hola, Luis! Nice hearing from you, I will be preaching 1 Corinthians 15:50-58 tomorrow- The Victory in Jesus! Resurrection!! That's a joy, the effort is taxing because of the passion involved-my church web-site is

Shilingi-Moja said...

Way to stand up for us old guys! I hope your 21-miler was good today.

Enjoy Spring Break with your son. We haven't seen our son and d-in-law since Christmas and miss them something awful. They're in Boston; we're in Richmond.

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