Monday, March 9, 2009

Twenty is plenty

The second twenty miler is in the books! It really feels good to get these runs done. This was not my best twenty miler. I averaged 10:19's for the run and this is a bit slower than I was needing. However, I am satisfied because I was tired going into the run today. Does anybody else out there in blog land live with perpetual quad soreness? My body is definitely dealing with soreness. Yet I now see how the taper comes in to play. It is a most important balancing act, to diminish training stress and replenish muscle health all the while not losing all that you worked for.

I had a stray dog hook up with me for about four miles. A good looking chocolate Lab. He was a really good dog! He stuck close, stayed smart, and treated me with respect, in other words he knew where I was and where I was going to be so he never got in my way.When I got home I feed and watered him, then he took off for more adventures. I really enjoyed his company! I have always loved dogs. Especially hunting dogs. Being an Outdoorsman I enjoy the beauty of a dog on the hunt. Hope I see him again.

Well the boys are over for dinner tonight. It'll be fun! There will be a great political discussion, there will be a great battle in a board game and we will enjoy our family. I also have a fantastic Daughter-in-law. No grand babies yet, though.

Off day tomorrow!!! Peace!


Shilingi-Moja said...

I had a black lab hook up with me around Christmas. See the blog post here. She was a good boost at the end of the run.

Love to Run said...

Good Run Mark. Good to hear the dog only ran with you and didn't do anything else. I have had them attack a few times and that can be quite scary.

Enjoy your day off!

Anonymous said...

So jealous of the dog partner! I had a cat follow me once for a bit; but they didn't last very long.


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