Wednesday, March 11, 2009


They say that long runs can decrease the ability of the immune system during the recovery period. Last night I noticed the scratchy throat, sniffles, ears a poppin' thing starting up. Just what I don't need!
Today the symptoms have abated somewhat but I'm still draggy. I managed 4.2 miles at an easy clip. It took me 2.5 miles to get to where I felt like running? Tough day!
I had to go to the Hospital, regardless of my condition. One of my sweetest people had a stroke this morning so I had to be with her and her family. They had no idea I felt like crude!
She is doing remarkably well! Because I've grown up here I know hundreds of people. I happened to be the Pastor of the teaching nurse on the ICU floor!! She's a runner, too! Training for a marathon in New York. Can't remember the name of the race (she told me) but it's an all woman marathon. She is probably only 25 or 26 yet attained to great accomplishments already!
Well, a super hot shower, plenty of fluids, and my secret cure for the cold...a giant Hershey's chocolate bar w/0 nuts, eaten in one sitting!!! Yes!! Peace!


Love to Run said...

Ears plugged. My friend had that whenever he was dehydrated. And that could be what you did on the 20 miler. It is always a great feeling after a 20 or + miler. Awesome training!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Chocolate (though I prefer dark, 65%+) cures many ills.


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