Friday, March 13, 2009

Missouri Mule...headed

I'm from the Sho-me state. Missourians take pride in being stubborn! Hillbillies do not like change or revenuers! Plus when we set out to do something we plan on getting it done!
This creeping crude I've contracted is taking some of the fight out of me. I had to completely take yesterday off from the training program, thus I lost a day! It was hard to take it off due to my stubborn streak, but my head was stopped up, my nose running faster than me, and my throat sore.
The two huge Hershey's chocolate bars, plenty of fluids, and a super hot shower yesterday seemed to help. I woke up today feeling better. The body is still mysteriously fatigued, I think it was the medicine my Sweetheart gave me? She's quite the little Nurse. I know she loves me when she's Doctoring me!
So....I decided to run today! I took it slow and easy, felt fair, and actually ran 20 minutes at or above marathon pace. Perhaps I'm getting well? Totalled 6.3 miles in an hour.
I'm still drinking lots of fluids, and took another hot, hot shower, and I'm thinking about maybe another chocolate bar!
All in all if I only lose one day of training due to this what ever it is stuff, I'll be alright in the training program. Mileage won't be as high this week but it'll still be okay.

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