Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go Tigers!

I love college hoops! Too bad I will miss the Mizzou Tigers wrap up the Championship tonight. I've a wedding to perform then a party to attend. Saturdays can get busy!

Next week we've marked a big X in the calendar on Saturday. It's going to be for us! What I've learned in life is you must refill or you'll stop running. Yet it's hard to do considering my profession.

Today I opted for 8 X 1/2 mile repeats with a two minute rest in between. I increased pace on each one. They looked like this 4:17, 4:13, 4:10, 4:07, 4:03, 4:00, 3:58,, 3:55. Interesting to note; I really didn't suck air? The Lactic acid build up wasn't noticeable? I could of gone harder?

I'm still somewhat sick. I woke up coughing twice during the night. So I'm a little apprehensive.

Have a great Sunday!! Peace.


Coachhrd said...

You must be okay if you're a fellow runner and Mizzou fan!

The Prophet said...
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Shilingi-Moja said...

Good set of repeats. Glad you're feeling better.

When I was serving as a Min. of Educ/Admin in Georgia, we found that about the only way to really get a day or two off was to get out of town. Something always seemed to come up that absolutely required my presence at the church.

Marlene said...

Hi Mark! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the 5K advice.

Nice splits on the intervals!

Love to Run said...


I know you are a Mizzou fan, but I have to root against you in the second round. I have been a Marquette fan and have been going to games since I was 7 years old. I know we lost one of our 3 stars but don't underestimate them. In the last 6 games without him, they lost to UConn in a close game, lost at Louisville in the last minute, lost at Pittsburgh close until the last 5 minutes, lost to Syracuse in OT, beat St. John's (OK, no big deal there), and lost to Villanova by a last second shot. 5 losses, yes, but all to 3 #1 seeds and 2 to #3 seeds all close near the end. I am not saying they will win, but you really ought to be nervous.

Just having some fun, Mark. Go Marquette!

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