Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today was the shortest run I've had in months! 3.4 miles. After a good warm-up I began the striders I had planned. I set them up for one every 1:15 for a 45 second duration. Did ten of em. Lots of looking at the watch. It felt like old times because I believe I was up around 7mpm pace at times.
Will these do any good for a marathon? Maybe, maybe not, (your experience?)but it sure was a nice way to change up the training!
The remainder of the final week before taper looks like this:
8-easy Wednesday
5-easy-Thursday-maybe a spurt or two at MP.
Friday-off-spending day with Sweetheart, yard and house work, Oh boy!
Saturday-Half-Marathon+(hoping 17 miles total)
Week projected mileage= 43.8

I need to get a time goal in my head for the race so I'll post that later when I get it....

It has turned off very cool down here after a series of powerful storms. I think the weekend racing weather is looking very nice! Hope your training is going well and good luck to all who are racing this weekend. Peace


Anonymous said...

sounds like a good plan...everything looks like it's falling into place

Marlene said...

Good luck this weekend!


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