Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring for sure!!

Remember the phrase "for sure"? We used to use that way back in the day! Well today I say it is Spring "for sure, man!" As I winged my way over the "Battlefield Hills" loop I hit the country side of the run and what did I see?.... a huge black snake slithering across the path! He was big! That is sure sign Spring is here! Then I came across another beautiful site. A Red-tailed Hawk soaring the currents scanning the ground for lunch. What a magnificent creature! To add to that as I came back to the black top there was a common sight in the Ozarks, road kill. Old Mr. Opossum wasn't playin'. Nope, he was dead. They are very abundant in these parts and are unfortunately slow when it comes to getting out of the way.
I decided on the 10.4 mile hill run and finished satisfied with a 1:39.58, or 9:36's. Not my fastest but not too slow either. Mile four to five was in 8:38 so I ran well. The six big hills are in the last two mile stretch so this is an excellent training effort.
Have you ever had that feeling of confidence as you are running up a hill ? Feeling the strength and power in your legs? Knowing you are going to "take" this hill!
That's how my legs felt today! Strong! I'm kinda' excited about the race Saturday? It's been nearly 16 or 17 years since I've run a half marathon! I'm sure I can sustain a quality effort.
Well I sure enjoyed the day. Hope you do, too!

P.S. To my friend Bill, what a great game! And what a great team Marquette is!! I think Mizzou can take Memphis! I only got to see the first half, I heard there was some controversy at the end of the game?


Shilingi-Moja said...

I had that strong hill feeling last week in the middle of my 12 mile run. I had to pause at the bottom of a 1.2 mile, 120' climb to wait for traffic to clear so I could cross the street. When it cleared, I said to myself, "Here we go!" and took off. It's a bad enough climb that a lot of cars downshift within the first 100 yards or so. Well, it certainly wasn't easy, but I felt strong all the way up. Now, the next several hills grabbed me and tossed me around a bit!

Marlene said...

I always feel like such a fighter running up a hill... unless of course it's one of those days where I'm draggin my feet!

Love to Run said...

Hey Mark, It was a great game. Dominic James coming back to play 1 last game though he didn't contribute much in the line of scoring. Missouri playing flawless the first half. Marquette coming back from 16 to take the lead near the end. Kim English playing awesome for Mizzou and McNeal awesome for the Warriors!

A little controvery at the end. People saying the Missouri guy who was fouled with 6 seconds left faked an injury so a much better free throw shooter could make the 2 shots to take the 4 point lead. Also, Acker from Marquette was mugged on the last shot with no call. Could have given Marquette a shot.

Controversy or not, the game is over and Missouri goes on. They will need to rest up a lot to beat Memphis.

Great job on the hills. i know the feeling and it is a great feeling.


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