Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thirty Three days-

The goal Marathon is fast approaching- I still have a hesitation in my gut when I think about breaking the four hour mark. This post might be boring but I need it for the record:

Last Weeks Training:

Monday 20.2 miler-10:17's slower pace than planned

Tues-rest onset of cold

Wednesday-4.2 miles feeling cruddy

Thursday- off feeling cruddier

Friday-6.3 miles Hit bottom-working back up

Saturday-6.2 miles- 8 x 1/2 miles Feeling a little better, ran well

Sunday- off- Still draggy

36.8 miles total

This weeks plan: (closing in on taper phase)

Monday 12.7 miles hills-9:55's Felt good but pace was labored

Tues- off? might run easy

Wed- 6-easy 9's

Thurs- 6-ditto

Fri- track- mile repeats-7-8 miles

Sat- 10K pace? Total miles?-38-41

Random observations:

In my opinion most people respect runners, they will give way at crossings, etc.- Those that we think don't often just don't see us-people are overtly preoccupied with their life- Ex- texting while driving?

In the Ozarks there is a fortune in the ditch! I was really taken aback yesterday by the amazing amount of trash in the ditches on the city side of my run. The top five trashed items: ( What kind of commentary is this on our culture)

1) Beer cans

2) Beer bottles

3) Cigarette packs

4) Whiskey/hard liquor bottles

5) Beer cartons

There is a fortune in aluminum in these ditches! Tons of money!

The weather is fantastic!!! Robins are singing their sweet spring songs. The grass is growing and the mowers ( me) are moaning! Gotta get that mower out! Keep on the sunny side!



aron said...

great job on the week!!! just keep healthy through taper and you will get your sub-4!!

Coachhrd said...

Keep it up. Sounds like you have a great approach. Trash makes me mad too -- especially in the baseball parks where my sons play. How hard is it to pick up after yourself?


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