Thursday, April 9, 2009

Couldn't be Better

Nine days until marathon #4. I'm feeling pretty good physically. Some minor aches and pains but that's just to be expected. Still icing lower quad, but swelling is going down.
Stormy skies today. The rains are coming and we do need them. I got in an easy 4.3 miles with thirty minutes at MP. I've decided to try to get this pace ingrained in my muscle memory.
Instead of striders tomorrow I will do an easy three miles with a couple of sections at MP or HMP, but not too fast.
The move is a go and we are full speed ahead. I've a wedding rehearsal tonight so I will be down near the new place and I can begin to move some stuff.
Tomorrow we get tables in order to set up the moving sale in garage, then we go to the new house; talk to guy about putting up the shades. Do the moving sale Saturday, then Sunday, O Yeah!! OHC will be packed out probably for both services!
These are exciting times!!
I am feeling a bit encouraged about my chances in this marathon. It will present some challenges, the water stations are every three miles. But with encouragement from blogger friends, and how I'm feeling right now I have the mentality that I am going to go for it!
Only three miles left to run this week? Wow, how'd that happen?
Have a great day!


Marlene said...

Nice pace! Good idea to get your muscles used to it. It's all a mental game now.

Have a great weekend! Sounds busy!

aron said...

you are going to have a great marathon!!!

Coachhrd said...

Good strategy. Best of luck to you, Mark!

DawnB said...

you've got it under control. Your taper is going well. There is someone inspired by your quest to sub 4. will be sending nothing but good vibes your way

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the final week before the marathon.


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