Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today the weather is superb!! Sunshine galore, breezy from the North and 57 degrees!
Lots of people out! One other runner, we exchanged howdy's, I said, "How do you like this weather," he said "Lovin' it!" Good answer I thought!
A young Mother pushing her two little ones in a jogger carriage. People mowing and weed-eating. As I was running by the guy weed-eating he stopped his machine until I passed, the lady pushing a lawn mower a little later, stopped until I was passed. That is kindness in my book.
Many times I've been disregarded as a runner, but today folks were kind. They regarded me. Felt good!
As to the running; I did 10.3 miles at MP. First two miles are warm-up (marathon simulation) 19:38-this might be a tad too slow, next three in 8:47's. Came in house to eat a power bar, take fluids, back out, next 5.15 in 46:04.79-or 8:57's. I actually had to hold back the pace! I was wanting to cut loose! 10.3 miles in 1:33.23-9:03's. I'm pleased with the effort.

Current reality and observations:
Five runs left until Race-this is exciting
There is doubt in my mind regarding goal-this is nagging
I am much stronger than before my last marathon-this is encouraging
My aches and pains aren't as bad today-this is amazing
The Taper can mess with your mind-this is interesting
Mental Effort must be practiced-this is challenging-(more on this later)

Hope the weather has turned for the better in your neck of the woods! Peace!


Love to Run said...

"jogger carriage"?!?!? Mark, you are showing your age here some! LOL

I have a jog stroller too. The kids loved it. I even run races with it. It really angers others when I pass them though.

I used to live on a street with a busy sidewalk and I always turned the mower and stopped to not spray others with clipping, rocks, etc. It is just the right thing to do. I know I hate it when others don't for me.

Marlene said...

Fortunately, the weather looks a lot better around here too. Can't wait to get out and enjoy it after work!

I always appreciate it when homeowners stop the lawnmower/weedeater as I pass (or snow-blower as was the case during the winter months!)

Great job on the MP 10-miler.

aron said...

sounds like a great day!!!!

taper does make all of us a little crazy but you are ready!!!! marathon will be here so soon :)


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