Monday, April 6, 2009

Jinxed-Taper Phase week two

I must've jinxed Spring! I declared it to be Spring last week and look at it now!! "Mercy sakes" as my Granny used to say, it's cold and nasty out there! There is a freeze warning out tonight. All the plants, left uncovered will be burned severely. What a shame!
Well week two of the taper is here. I will decrease to just 24 miles this week. I put in a good effort today-6.4 miles in 64 minutes. Easy warm-up and cool down. Did 30 minutes at 9mpm pace.
I noticed my right lower quad was very stiff and swollen? I am icing as I type. It didn't hurt during the run, nor did the hip, so I'm thinking with some smarts I will be able to make the starting line ready and well.
Rest of the week looks like this:
Tues- off
Wed-10miles at MP
Thurs-3 miles ez
Friday-5 miles 6x100 striders
Saturday- moving sale (cross training!)
Sunday off- total for week-24+ miles


Marlene said...

We just got hit with a snow storm after a couple weeks of spring-like weather. I don't like these games Mother Nature is playing!

Shilingi-Moja said...

I love your Saturday comment, cross training! for the moving sale. I'd rather run 12 miles than have a yard sale!

The weather is crazy. Yesterday morning in Richmond was 60°. This morning was between 40° and 42°. Tomorrow the prediction is 31°. Personally, I'd rather have 40° than 60° -- I feel and run better.

DawnB said...

the week started out very gloomy. you are doing great with the taper

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