Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That's a wrap!

Well, this training program has just come to an end. Now it's time to express all the training into one race. The Marathon. Recently I read on a blog that we that run 4 hours or slower are termed "plodders". I didn't care for the term. We that are out on the course often twice as long as the "Elites" are Warriors!
I ran 3.3 easy. I felt real good, like I could go! I want to find a rhythm Saturday where I will burn a good mixture of fat/glycogen for the first part, then I can finish strong. I practiced carrying a zip lock bag with four fig newtons, one power bar, and one E-gel. It felt like it wasn't even there!
I feel extremely bloated and fat right now! I had been flirting with the last notch in my belt but not now!! I have been feeding on carbos and am very well hydrated. I know the water will come in handy when I am at mile 20! Usually I only post on the blog after a run. But I think I will post my running plan when I've finalized it...still thinking?
Unfortunately it looks like we might have to deal with rain and showers. Figures! Every race I've entered this year the weather has been atrocious! I was hoping for a decent day. However, I plan on racing regardless.
I think my sweetheart may go along. She's still somewhat undecided. If she does I'll get her to take some pictures. The main picture? Crossing the finish line in 3:59!!!
Hope all is well with you! Peace


Marlene said...

I agree, us slow-pokes need some credit... it's hard pounding the pavement for so long!

I definitely see a 3:59 in your future... go get it!

aron said...

3:59 here you come!!!! GOOD LUCK!

Coachhrd said...

Avoid the "plod" and go 3:59!

Thomas said...

Good Luck to you. Don't worry about the weather, I much prefer rain to hot sunshine - seriously!

Don't worry about being called a plodder, only insecure idiots use name calling.

3:59 is a good target. It's only a few year ago that I broke that barrier myself, and I was thrilled.

All the best!

DawnB said...

have a great race

rob horton said...

much grace to you on your run tomorrow bro.

yep, it does appear that the weather folk are predicting some wetness, but at least their temp. predictions look nice :)

rob horton said...

oh - and the wind predictions don't look bad either :)

Beth said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Just because a person is out there longer doesn't mean that they aren't trying just as hard or giving just as much effort- and we have to do it for a much long time. Good luck to you!!


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