Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In The Groove

It sure is fun working up to a marathon!! I really enjoy the challenges of training, the testing of fitness, the goal setting, etc. I think I've trained smarter and harder than ever before. I've got the long runs, speed work, hills, races, and marathon pace runs under my belt. I have two nagging injuries, but they aren't where I can't run. The discomfort goes away after I get started running. I believe this (having nagging aches and pains) to be common among marathoners so I'll not fret. I think I did a stupid yesterday? That 8 mile MP run was not really necessary and I am a little stiff and sore from the effort. However, today my body wanted to get into the groove of MP but I held back! I decided to cut the run short and wound up with 3.3 miles at recovery pace. Tomorrow I will probably do the same thing. Run easy and short. My training is done. Now I need to be fueled and rested.
I think it's important to have goals. I have to aim for something. I want to break four hours. This will require an all out effort on my part. I am not a gifted runner but I am a determined one!
I also think there needs to be a goal after the race, so I've decided to focus on a 5K race in June and then strategize for my next marathon in November. Remember, We are opening our home to anyone who wants to run the Bass Pro Marathon in November. Come on down to the Ozarks!! Peace!!


DawnB said...

you're doing great. nothing but good vibes coming your way from one sub 4 seeker to another

aron said...

you are going to have a GREAT race!!!! so exciting :)

Marlene said...

You are so ready for this race. Keep up the fueling and resting!

It must feel good going into a marathon more prepared than last time. I hope to have that feeling next time around.

Eric Johnson said...

hey mark,

good meeting you today at the starting block. give that hip flexor stretch a try for a couple weeks and see if that helps your inner leg tightness.

if you want to browse my coaching blog, it's at www.coachej.com. i call it a triathlon coaching blog but it's all applicable to any endurance sport.

see ya around. eric johnson

Beth said...

Hey Mark, thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours. I'm from St. Louis and love the Ozarks. Good luck at your race and I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather. I'll keep checking back in.

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