Monday, April 13, 2009

Taper Phase-The Final week

I am doing a three week taper for this marathon. Today begins the final week!! I ran eight miles today and 10k of it was at 8:45's. I am really green at this marathon stuff. This is my fourth one and I'm still trying to figure this race out. In a 5k I start fast, hold on and finish strong. In the 10 k I start strong, make the turn, and burn! In the Half I start steady hold steady, at halfway I push hard. In the marathon I'm iffy at best when it comes to a plan.

I'd like to hear your strategies, on pacing and fueling. At Grandmas in '05 I had 20 miles in 3hrs and hit the wall hard. The last 10k was in 66 minutes. No fuel at water stations.

Here's my plan for this week:

Monday- 8 miles- MP (done)

Tuesday- 3 miles recovery

Wednesday-4 miles-2-3 at MP


I'll pack the carbs all week. I'll stay well hydrated. Besides that I guess I'll keep hoping it doesn't rain. Currently there's a chance. Frisco trails here I come! Peace!!


Anonymous said...

I'll be spying on the strategies you get; sorry I'm no help!

Marlene said...

No advice here, I crashed and burned in my first (and only) marathon! I'm hoping to learn from people like you before the next one. :)


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