Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I like Sultry!

Today it is 91 degrees with 66% humidity. This is my kind of weather! SULTRY!
I managed all miles in my general aerobic range which is 9:36-11:04. My best mile was 9:50 while the slowest was the last one at 11:03. On this last mile during the hills I would breath like I do in races! I knew I was really working, heart rate was 90% of max!
Yesterday I mowed the huge yard I now have and saw two snakes! One big black one and a smaller Copperhead. You've got to watch it out here!
Even with the sultry weather I ran very well today, in my estimation. I recovered very well from the 13 miler, very little residual soreness or fatigue. I seem to be gaining confidence and motivation. I really want to run a marathon before Bass Pro. November seems a long ways off and right now I'm actually in training. I think a September or early October Marathon would be the best bet. Coming off summer training in to the Fall I always feel very strong.
I ordered new shoes today!! ASICS "Trail Attack 5WR" I think these will do for a shoe that can transition from road to trail. Monday during the trail portion I stepped on a rock and it hurt! I decided then and there to get a better shoe.
Well I hope to get in an easy 3 miler tomorrow and Friday is track day!! I will try to set a new mile best. Hope it's sultry! Peace!


Marlene said...

Great workout! Enjoy the sultry weather - I prefer COOL!

Beth said...

Come to Minneapolis and run the Twin Cities marathon on Sunday, October 4th. You can stay at my house! Its a beautiful marathon. I can't believe you ran when it was 91... you are crazy!! :)

Mark said...

Beth,that is an awesome offer! I will think about it, sounds like a great idea!

DawnB said...

snakes, oh no i don't think I would mow the lawn again. Nice job on the run considering the weather.

Jamie said...

Stay cool out there! you are hardcore running in 91 degrees :)


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