Monday, June 8, 2009

Into the Woods

13 miles today. The first 10k was a pretty decent pace but the degree of difficulty began to take its toll on my pace. Trail running is a delight but it is also harder than pavement running. I made it up to Cobb ridge and found the campground today. I also hit pavement and was nearing HWY "H" . This is all in Mark Twain National Forest.
On the way back I was blessed with a deer sighting. A good looking buck. You should of seen him! Majestic is the word! He saw me and up went the white tail and off he went. I saw some blue birds today, too.
I carried water and one gel today. I need additional fluids so I'm thinking about adding a hand held water bottle. Seems when I hydrate I'm good for a while, I'll sweat good, but then it's gone. I require lots of fluids, esp on these sultry days.
Saw a nesting Hawk on the way back, a rarity! You should of heard her screaming at me!
I wanted to walk during the 2K hill but I kept a jogging form going. I was proud of this effort. My training program now consists of a long trail run, rolling hills, track work. I believe this will prove to be an excellent program. We shall see. Peace!!


aron said...

great job on the run! i love seeing animals out :) i bet the buck was so pretty (or maybe i should say handsome? hehe)

Jamie said...

nice job on the 13! sounds like a great on and must have been cool seeing the buck and hawk!

Beth said...

I don't know how you can run in that humidity. I bet you do need a lot of fluids! Great 13 miler!

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