Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am extremely pumped! I am recovering well and running better than ever. I thought the 14 miles of trails would leave me very sore but not so! I ran 6.03 miles of hills today in 1:02.47. Not in the 9's like I wanted but a good effort considering the 87 degrees 57% humidity.
I am a hot weather runner. I love the swelter! Yet, I have decided that I will begin to force myself to run early on Mondays when I log the long run. The heat does zap you! It will slow the pace and elevate the heart rate. You must be very careful and wise because heat stroke can get you.
The Minneapolis marathon is closed to registration so I'm too late but thanks for the offer Beth. I will take you up on it next year, though! Looks like the Bass Pro will be it this year. I need to regroup a little, what I mean is ease my training a little. I don't want to burn out. I don't need to get serious until mid-July.
I will still finish my mile time trial, I have two more attempts to better the 7:12.
I will race at least once a month (this Saturday a 5K)
I will begin to run at least 16 miles every Monday, (let's see how long this lasts!(next Monday doesn't count, it's my BD and I'm spending the day with Sandy))
I will rest three days a week until training begins then I will train 5 days a week.
Well I have a story about today's run, Two men were trying to get a piece of furniture through a front door of a house, the one on the outside was giving the one on the inside what for! " I've told you a dozen times idiot....." etc, I hadn't heard someone berate a person like that in years, plus the lingo the old boy was using was not fit for hearing, he was mad! Well he saw me, he got quiet, I wondered if he was embarrassed? It stayed quiet as they continued to wrestle the furniture, then suddenly as I'm out of sight, he starts in on his compatriot again. Why did he care what I thought and not what his co-worker thought?
I love the roads! Hope it's going well for you!


Marlene said...

Sounds like a good plan to take it a little easy until training officially begins. You want to start fresh!

Great six-miler, especially after your brutal trail run.

DawnB said...

llok like things are going well for you. nice job out there after a long run. I could really appreciate the trails now because i do feel beatup out there pounding the pavement.

Jamie said...

Nice job on the long run on the trails. Sounds like a good plan to take it a bit easier until actual training starts. You don't want to burnout!

Beth said...

Awww, that is too bad that TCM is closed already. I had my guest room all ready for you! Maybe next year. Good thing you love to swelter with that heat! You are cranking out the miles. Good for you!


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