Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running Exchange

Wow! Sweetest running weather ever! 61 degrees, cool north breeze, light sprinkles. My objective today was 6 miles rolling hills between 9:36-11:04 per mile pace. I averaged 9:36's!
I felt strong! I am not dying on the hills now! I am taking them!
This was a general aerobic run and my pace is dictated by my mile time trial.
Here's the formula:
7:12 mile= 432 seconds. 432 divided by 65% and 75%= general aerobic pace= 9:36-11:04
Now , Friday awaits! Another time trial at the track. I may do a short aerobic run tomorrow.

Now the exchange:
Here I am running, feeling good, letting go down one of these hills, Garmin says 6:11 pace? I see the group of four good ole' boys sitting and standing around an old trailer alongside the road. They are older fellows, kind of rough hewn, disheveled, stained clothes, greasy ballcaps, they are really taking me in! Guess they'd never seen a runner. Well it didn't bug me a'tall! I waved!
Ring leader says (he has gray wild hair, black rim glasses, black coveralls, yes I'm very observant) "You sure are a good runner" I say "Thanks" He says "How far are you going" I say without windedness "six mile" (notice no plural? Out here that's how we talk) Now he gets to the point- "You want a job?" he says. Now I'm no dummy. What are these ole' boys thinking? That person running ought to get a job and stop wasting time on the road running? I stopped! Yep, they didn't phase me. I asked this question as I slowly walked towards them, " What kind of job?" "Well, you could weed eat this ditch." Ring leader places hands on hips puffs up chest a tad. "Well" I said, " I will be more than glad to help you." " Uh...Okay...we'll let you know" he said! I turned away and while waving said "Lord bless you!" Off went the RUNNER! I'm thinking about going and weed eating the ditch! Peace!


Beth said...

I have a friend that is thinking about retiring in the Ozarks but has never been there. I think I'm going to have to give her the link to your blog. It cracks me up. Glad you are staying safe on all your adventures!

Marlene said...

All of this hill training is paying off. Soon you'll be eating hills for breakfast.

Nicole said...

Do YOU have a running nemesis? I wonder what that's like...Nice blog, Mark! BUT, I think you should have called it "The Banjo Playing Marathoner".

Mark said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for the kind words. I am intentional about having a Nemesis. I find it is a motivator when I race. Usually someone in my age group that is beating me but not by much.

Jamie said...

That is some sweet running weather. Great job on the 6 mile :)

Chris said...

Very cool! Hope all is well. You gotta tell us if you see those guys again.


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