Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back Track-

Going backwards with the heel. Yesterday I spent around three hours hauling rocks and working on the property. I guess the boots I was wearing aggravated the heel because it was stiff and sore last night. You can't work outside w/o boots out here! We are in Copperhead country!
Anyway, I doctored it with icing and rest and Aleve. Felt okay this morning but hills were not in the cards so I packed it off to the track. As usual a busy place. I finally got to meet one of the regulars I've noticed. Her name is Brenda. She asked me if I was a marathoner! I thought that was cool! I guess I look like one?!
My goal was to warm-up then test the waters...if the heel felt good then 6X400's if it wasn't ready I would just go easy.
It felt good after the 1.5 mile warm-up! So I launched into the workout:
6X400 @ 3K pace with a three min active recovery ( I jogged).
On the first one I noticed how my quads were very heavy. I really began doubting I could complete the prescribed workout. But I are the splits-1:42, 1:49, 1:46, 1:47, 1:52, 1:50.
Not too bad considering the long run and the heel. Totals: 5.11/ 47:09/ 9:13's.
So ice, Aleve, and an easy recovery run tomorrow ought to get me ready for Fridays effort.
I think dealing with problems like this heel are just par for the course. They say making it to the start line of a marathon is a great accomplishment in itself. I have the tendency to push things and I must remember I am not a young man anymore!! That's hard! Peace!


Marlene said...

I completely agree that it's a victory to arrive at the start line in one piece! Training beats us all down, but marathoners are tough! Keep fighting!

Beth said...

Nice work at the track! Glad you are keeping the heel under control. You'll make it to that start line!

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear about your heel acting up again :( One of the hardest parts of this whole training gig is showing up healthy race day. You have plenty of time though!

lindsay said...

hope the heel is feeling better today. nice job on the track workout! the first repeat is always the hardest for me - just gotta get yourself moving and realize that no, you will not die.

Anne said...

Funny, I had a "bad heel" day yesterday too. Not sure the cause of mine, but it's nice to know there's still hope. Nice also someone recognized you're one of those looooong distance runners.


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