Monday, July 27, 2009

Loop run-#3

Today I had to run early so I had everything set out and ready by last night. I had in mind the loop which is 18+ miles of hills, trails, and chip'n'seal. With around 50 oz's of fluids, cliff blocks, accel-gel, phone, I got out the door by 6:45. That's early for this bird!
It was truly a beautiful morning with heavy air, clear skies, and a lite breeze. My secret plan was to try to average 12 min miles the whole way by doing 4/1's. I also set out with a fueling strategy adopted from Aron, and Spirit Flower, not to mention the many other great Bloggers out there. I definitely noticed the benefits of the cliff blocks, and salt tablet!
I also had an accelerade mixture in one of my water bottles that I hit on the last leg.
After 8 miles I was a little under the goal so I picked up the pace. I felt real good. As I hit the difficult trail section at mile 13 I was pleasantly surprised how I was handling the trail and how the pace was staying strong.
When I arrived to 2K hill I had to walk! I could actually go faster by walking! I'm telling you 2K hill is a bear!! When I hit the top of the hill I thought I was behind goal. What did I do? I goosed it!! I notched my fasted mile in the home stretch a 9:55.
The heel felt fine the whole way. It didn't start bothering me until I iced it??
So training continues! I am believing I will break four hours in the marathon!
19.16 miles / 3:48.02 / 11:53 avg / total ascent 4052-This is a new PR by over 14 minutes! Plus I added on! I saw two Copperheads on the roads today!! Yikes!


Marlene said...

NICE! This hardcore training is going to pay off big time in the marathon! Nice work, Mark!

Is a copperhead a snake?! *shudder*

Spirit Flower said...

Copperheads are scary even when smashed on the road!

Beth said...

You are doing great! Looks like all of your planning and preparation paid off with a great run. The copper heads sounds scary- be careful! Glad your heel is better, too.

Jamie said...

Sweet run! Nice job! You are so on your way to breaking 4 hrs!

Just_because_today said...

Mark, which marathon are you doing? that is a lot miles for a Monday morning!!! What training plan are you following?

lindsay said...

i typically use gu and water/gatorade (propel, etc) but i have been hearing a lot about salt tablet-type things lately. i am going to have to give them a try.

nice job on the hill! i never have the surprise of a fast uphill mile! 19 miles on a monday morning, quite the strong start to the week.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to pick up the pace halfway through -- so tough to do on a long run! I'm sure it'll come back to you in the marathon. Nice work!

Just_because_today said...

I have always followed Hal Higdon's training and it seems to work for me. Your training is impressive. Remember to taper good. And when you break the 4 hour's going to be sooo good.


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