Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rain Run

Sometimes running in the rain is a pleasure and sometimes a pain. Today it was a pleasure! I needed a medium endurance run to finish my week and I opted for a 10 miler on "W" North. This is still a rolling hill section and I love it because of the narrow, quiet country roads.
I felt pretty good as well as the heel did, too. I was trying to take it as easy as possible but still needing base pace numbers.I decided to push it in at the turn around and finished strong, a 9:06 last mile. I felt really good. The heel is still stiff so I must be very careful.
As I was running I was thinking; thinking is an oft overlooked art. Truth: Runners are often some of the best thinkers! We are Big picture thinkers, we see the goal! We are reflective thinkers, we base training on experience, past success and failure. We are strategic thinkers, we have a plan and devise a scheme to carry it out to completion. We are creative thinkers, we are always looking for new routes, better training plans, we create our own play!You will excel in your endeavors, I promise, if you become a good thinker! It takes practice!
Totals for today-10.8 miles/ 1:49.33/10:08 avg-total ascent 1555.
BTW-Jared's CT scan came back with no abnormalities!! That's good but he's still not well. Peace!


lindsay said...

great job on the rainy 10! i enjoyed your mid-run thoughts. i tend to enjoy my longer runs because of all the various thoughts that come through my mind.

glad the ct scan came back 'good', but hope they can figure out what's going on asap! not having answers or a plan of attack is tough.

Anne said...

Mark, I like they way you think.

Marlene said...

Nice run! I definitely do some of my best thinking while running.

Good news on Jared!

Beth said...

so glad about the CT scan. I am still thinking about him and so glad that you and your wife are there to support him. I hope they get it figured out soon.

kara said...

I like the Clif shot blocks. And they are vegetarian. My problem is, I eat 'em like candy....expensive candy!
PS. Sadly, most of the snakes I see are roadkilled.
Nice run!

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