Saturday, July 18, 2009


A beautiful day in the Ozarks. Unbelievable weather for July!! Not even 80 degrees! I still have tightness and soreness in the Achilles heel area but it loosens up as the day goes along. I went out hoping for the five flattest miles I could find. Wound up with 5.54 miles with some doubling back over my flat sections. I felt so strong! I am excited about the current reality; my training seems to be taking a positive cumulative effect. Now, for the recovery week, then, heel willing, I will build up to higher mileage!

Had a great visit with my older (17mths) Brother and his family today. They are from the Austin Texas area. I'm pretty sure I will run the marathon there next year. They are all looking and doing good and the kids have grown into extraordinary young adults! Hooray for the Zimmerman family!!
We may be able to hang out one more time before they head back home. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Peace!


jel said...

nice looking family

hope ya have a good visit,

how's your son?

and is your e-mail working?

Anne said...

All is well in at least this neck of the woods. I'm glad the achilles is obeying and will keep my fingers crossed that it continues in that direction. Enjoy the time with family...nothing can replace it.

Beth said...

A great visit with great family and a great run. What could be better? Glad the heel is better and you are feeling strong. I hope the good weather continues!


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