Friday, July 17, 2009

Too much of a good thing-

Yesterday was a day of rest with "Aleve" and ice. I went out for an evening walk with Sandy and tested the heel. It felt good....but the real test would be today. I decided that "yes, hills are good.." but too much of a good thing can burn you! That's all I have out here is hill after hill after hill after hill..not that I'm complaining but my heel is! So I went to town to the Jr High track with 2x1 mile @10K pace on tap. A 1.5 mile warm-up..heel felt good! It was other places that hurt! That's a good sign! I tried to find the 10k pace of 8:03 but kept going faster? The first mile split was 7:39. Could the cool temps be helping? It's only in the seventies! I recovered for 2 minutes then launched into another mile. Looking for 8:03...a 7:38 mile? It felt easy? The heel felt good!
Did 1.5 cool down and found myself creeping close to 9:00's? I believe I am seeing the fruit of hill training! Totaled 5.38 miles at 8:37 avg pace! Talk about pumped!! Woooohooo!
Now I gotta be careful, can't let up on the doctoring..I'm icing now and will take more Aleve or "Motrin" that stuff really works! Also, I may have to go to the track more because too much of a good thing might take me out! However, I will do around 5 miles tomorrow out here in hill land:)
Hope all is well in your running! Peace! (Next week is recovery week!!!)


Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me luck. I love meeting new bloggers!!

Spirit Flower said...

When I had a slight achilles twinge, I started walking up the hills. This go me out on the hills but saved the achilles more trauma.

Marlene said...

Very speedy miles! The cool temps must feel nice.

Good news about your heel!

Love to Run said...

Great workout Mark. A bit more "flat" training will do you good since you run so many hills all the time.

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