Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Larry and Clyde

Normal schedule dictates off on Tuesdays. Since yesterday was a short run I need the miles so I opted for 3 at recovery pace. As I started the run I began to take inventory of all the current aches and pains. Does anyone else do this?
I am still okay, no pain while I run but the mileage is increasing and so is the demand, thus inviting injury...must stay smart! That's hard for me to do! I want to get greedy and rack up a bunch of miles this week.
So I went towards Larry the Labs neck of the woods ( "W" North). He was out playing in the street, as usual, with a new friend. A really cute German Shepherd pup. He almost tripped me as he got tangled in my feet with his playful introduction. I named him Clyde. I thought Larry and Clyde had a nice ring to it...
Talk about trouble! These guys are it! Running up to every yard, hitting every puddle and pond ( we got 2 1/4 inches of rain!) chasing cows and mules, stopping traffic! And of course everyone thinks they are my dogs! I had a blast with them!
3.0 miles in 32:51. Muchos Hills manana! 10k race pace mile intervals on tap this week! Building for the marathon. I had a dream I ran a 3:46 in the Bass Pro Marathon!!! No way! Peace!


Marlene said...

3:46 - wouldn't that be sweet!

I sometimes take an inventory of what hurts and what doesn't. Here's hoping for continued injury free running!

Michael Sally said...

Dreams are there for a reason - and sometimes dreams come true.

I don't take an inventory. I figure at this point in life something is going to hurt now and again.

Thanks for post on my blog and we both need to be persistent on working towards to reaching the the 4 hour goal.

We are both going to do it!


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