Monday, July 13, 2009

New Route-Good Golly Miss Molly! is long run day. I have run the 18.8 mile loop the last two Mondays. My body has been telling me "tired...tired.." I will still get in the miles this week but I will lessen the difficulty...or so I thought. I needed a good mid-distance run with hoped for flat sections. I wanted to stay at base pace which is within the 10-20% slower than marathon pace range. For me that's 9:30's to 10:26's. Off on Hwy "W" North I went feeling pretty good. I had my hand held water bottle and four endurolytes with the plan to only drink when thirsty.
I really had a hope for flat least some...but I must face facts, I live in the hills! As the hills began to take there toll the phrase "Good golly Miss Molly" began to run through my head. Not that I'm frustrated by the lack of flat but that every turn was a rise!! Good golly!
At six miles North of home I decided to turn back. My shoes were soaked and I knew it would be a challenge to make it back home w/o walking.
I kept chugging, started drinking, singing.."good golly Miss Molly." Finished the run feeling totally spent. 12.03 miles in 2:10.08-avg 10:49's. Had four good miles in there at around 9:30's.
During the run I was thinking about my goal marathon, "Bass Pro" November 1st. The course , compared to my running terrain is flat! I should be able to man handle the Bass Pro course!
If I want to train on flat I can go to the local track. I may do this for fun one day soon.
So, I'll keep singing "Good golly Miss Molly," and taking the hills! Peace!


Marlene said...

Your flat marathon is going to feel like such a piece of cake! Good run!

Carlee said...

Nice job on the tough run!!! I think on my next hill run I'll try singing a little Molly myself.

Jamie said...

You're going to have to hold yourself back at the flat marathon! Nice job today!

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