Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rotten to the Core

Well, it had been a while since someone tried to hurt me while running. Yesterday on "W" North run I heard a car coming up from behind, a sudden skittering sound...and I saw an apple core fly by my feet! They missed me!

Such is reality, even out here in the country, some folks are rotten to the core, of course an apple core wouldn't hurt much but it's the principle of the thing. Yes they were throwing at me because they slowed then sped off...I was ready to fight or flight..I had a good adrenaline rush anyway!

Super humid today. I ran 5.01 miles and my shoes and socks were soaked! I went back on "W" North and because it's flatter I noticed my base pace speed is faster, I had to hold back. I had some good splits today with a total time of 49:09 for 5.01-9:48's. 38.34 miles this week, rest tomorrow.

My son will go in for further tests next week. Now, all of the sudden, his insurance company is being difficult! These kids are really having a tough time. Thanks for your response and support. Much appreciated! Peace!!


Marlene said...

That's horrible! You have to wonder what people are thinking. :(

Good for you not letting it get to you too much.

DawnB said...

that awful I can believe they did that. I will say a prayer for your son in church tomorrow.

aron said...

that is awful :(


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