Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ozark Excursion

Hwy "W" South
Red Bridge Road, off of HWY "W"

Cool little side road off of "W"

Gazebo on the square! Our Band plays here tonight. It's Farmer's market night and we hope to get some tomatoes and corn!

It's a nice square

Our cute little waitress. Her name is Kristina. She doesn't understand marathoning but we hit it off pretty good. This was a place where they had multiple antique booths. Below is an example of one:

Got a good workout in this morning. A 2x1 mile at 10k pace on the roads. 7:59, 7:51 respectively. Totaled 5.2 miles in 49:01-avg 9:26. Tomorrow is Sandy's BD. I will not run! She will be Queen for a day!!
Hope all is well with you! Peace.


Marlene said...

Nice photos! Looks like some great scenery.

Hope you find what you're looking for at the market! Fresh veggies are the best.

Love to Run said...

When I see nice pictures of the places where poeple run, I wish I could join them on some of their runs for just 1 day. That would be fun. Maybe someday soon, I will have to take a camera on one of my runs and take a few to share.

Keep up the good training!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics -- looks like a lovely place to run!

Jamie said...

Great pics! Looks like a great place to run.

lindsay said...

beautiful! i love running on roads like that. well, provided there aren't cars trying to go by at 50mph of course.

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