Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to "Hill(heel)ville"

"W" south is a beautiful run! I am going to try to get some pics today. But it is also nothing but hills and I believe partly responsible for my achilles overuse injury.. I decided to try it today. I went for a brisk walk with Sandy, then with a kiss good-bye off I went with wonder. I felt so much stronger than yesterday?! I have to believe the running form improvements are giving me more speed and strength, plus recovery runs are good. Today I practiced driving the thigh. Anyway, the heel felt great! I'm encouraged! Funny thing, I told Sandy since I've been taking the "Aleve" all my other aches and pains have disappeared, too!
6.29 miles with all five after the warm-up sub 10's with a 9:16 best. This is on the hill run! I really only need two more runs, or 12.5 more miles this week. I was thinking I needed a recovery week but I may do that next week or not at all. Still depends on Mr. Heel.
Today we take a mini-trip to some antique shops, and eat at a quaint little Tea Room on an old time Ozarkian square. Sandy likes to go to these places, I on the other hand go for her joy. She gives up a lot for my running and I appreciate that. We'll probably buy something, too! Have a great run! Peace!


lindsay said...

definitely have to appreciate the people who put up with us and our crazy running needs! the support is very handy though.

nice job on your run! glad to hear you aren't feeling so achy anymore.

Jamie said...

Glad to hear no heel pain. Ease on it to it so it stays away!

Have a fun trip :)

Just_because_today said...

achilles pain can be very debilitating.
Good luck on your training


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