Friday, July 31, 2009

We are a peculiar people!

No doubt many non-runners must think we runners are nuts! Today I went to the track to knock off some mile repeats. There was a football camp finishing up and many parents waiting for their children. I could see that the boys were getting packets and gear. I did an easy 1.5 mile warm-up, stretched a little, you know the heel is an issue, and I started the work-out;
3 X 1 mile @ 10K pace, 2min recovery jogging. Personally I don't care that people watch me, I'm sure it's a funny sight! One fella I noticed had a perplexed look on his he was thinking "why are you doing that?" Maybe he just had gas, or some bad pizza earlier? Or he had a point as spittle ran down my chin..yuk! I'm sure you've been there!
Here are the splits-8:06, 7:50, 7:49. I pretended I was racing on the last lap of the last mile, pushing to the finish! I enjoyed it!!! So tomorrow will be a recovery run of 5-6 miles, I hope.
Thanks for your comments on the last post. The long run is definitely crucial for a successful marathon effort! Totals-5.54 miles/ 49.55/ 9:00's. Peace!!


Jamie said...

Non-runners just don't understand :) Great job on your repeats! Those are awesome times!

Ted said...

Very impressive dude! We, the runners, do understand perfectly what you are doing. Don't you just love it !

Marlene said...

Nice repeats with negative splits!

Sometimes it's fun to have an audience.

Anonymous said...

I always crack up when I think of how I must look to other runners. Funnier yet: The peculiar phenomenon familiar to all women runners of knowing you look repulsive, yet still hearing gross cat-calls from pickup trucks. Euuuw!

lindsay said...

great job on the repeats! i always wonder what people are thinking when i'm doing a track workout. never wonder about it during a regular run on the roads though. ah well, they don't need to understand! :)


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