Saturday, August 1, 2009

Residual effect

I really love going to the track, and yesterdays effort really had an impact on my body. My right groin, hip, left quad, all sore. It's the good soreness, though. I ran a recovery run today. I took it real easy and surprisingly averaged solid recovery pace. I came home and stretched. I am not icing the heel today. It is feeling better so I will see how it responds w/o treatment. I will still take the Aleve, though.
Larry and Clyde, (my dog buddies) hooked up with me today. They are a lot of fun to run with. They worry me though, how they run around in the road. People speed along this Hwy w/0 regard!
Totals-5.02miles/ 54:08/ 10:46's-38.89 miles this week. I am in a building phase so my goal is to log around 42 miles next week. I'm going to post a cool picture of a walking stick we saw this morning at our place here in the Boondocks! Peace


Just_because_today said...

funny, I always refer to track as what I dread the most but yet enjoy as much. I dread it and I count the days to it...fearing it, yet once I'm done it feels so good, maybe just because I know I dont have to do it for another week

lindsay said...

glad the heel is doing better. the track is a love/hate for me. i like the varied workout but sometimes knowing i will have to work hard psychs me out. great mileage for the week!


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