Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feelin' Frisky!!

So it's overcast this morning, with temps in the low 70's. Unbelievable August weather! I was wanting an easy run on "W" South (or Hillville), I noticed all the dogs were behaving differently! They were frisky! Wanting to run out and meet me in the road and play and jump, and lick...yuk! Funny thing...I felt frisky, too! Amazingly, even on Hillville, after 14 miles yesterday, I felt strong! I settled in and relaxed, not pushing until the last mile where I posted a 9:16. I'm very encouraged! I am still having to ice the heel, though. So 7 miles/ 1:12:46/ 10:23's.
I was reading a post on an excellent blog I came across about mental toughness. It reminded me of a training principle I developed some years ago. I call it ME. It stands for Mental Effort. I employed the principle on the last mile today. Where I focused and forced. I focused on my form, pace, then I forced myself to go faster and hold the pace, and form. It was fun!!
Two things:
1) Increasing mileage to new heights proves to be a challenge
2) You can add muscle when you are over 50! I was going to post a picture of my quads but I'm still debating that, however, I have new muscle on the lower inside quads! I've never seen it like this before! I'm sure it's related to running out here in Hillville.
Hope you're feelin' frisky and the running is easy! Peace!


Jamie said...

Nice job on the run today! Love those days when it feels so good to be out. And that is some awesome August weather! Glad you were able to enjoy it :)

lindsay said...

ooh please send some of the friskiness this way! i have been having a hard time getting motivated to run. glad you are out there enjoying every step!

Marlene said...

Congratulations on building up those muscles. Never too old to get fit! :)

Sounds like an excellent run. Don't you love those? I hope to be feeling frisky for my hill run tonight. It's been a long time since I've done repeats!

Coachhrd said...

Gotta love those dogs!

Michael Sally said...

I'm glad you are icing it up too!
Frisky is GOOD!

Morgan said...

Love the days when you feel frisky! :)

Thanks for stopping by my digs, I broke in the new 2140's this morning... love new shoes!!!


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