Monday, August 10, 2009


I got in at midnight last night. I worked real hard yesterday to hydrate, and stay fueled in preparation for a long run today but the late hour hurt me. Rest is so crucial in training! I just didn't get good rest last night. Funny thing, when you get older you can't sleep later??
Anyway, life goes on! I had to break one of my hot weather rules, I went out the door at 10 am! In the heat I try to be finished by 10! Well, plenty of water, gu, I set out to see what I could do.
I wound up with 14.04 miles in 2:44.58; average mile pace 11:45. The pace is not what I would want but the hot and hilly combination makes it acceptable. While I was running a cool front passed over, high winds and cool temps! It was sweet. I got a boost of energy and finished with a couple good miles.
My goal is to run 46-47 miles this week. I've never logged 50 miles in a week! That's in 28 years of running! I suspect I will break that streak in this cycle.
I will run a 5k this Saturday. I want to test myself in this race.
I was encouraged yesterday. A young man who I've encouraged to run told me he completed his first 10 miler in 1:44! I continue to encourage him and help him experience the joy of running. You should of seen the smile on his face when he was telling me about his run!
Well, I enjoyed my run, too! Hope you did! Peace!


Marlene said...

I definitely think you're on track for a 50 mile week soon! You're running like crazy! Nice job in the heat - you managed it well.

Chris said...

50 miles! That is very cool!

Just_because_today said...

Mark, a combination of heat and not enough sleep frames you for a lousy run. Kudos for sticking to it and completing it. Running teach us resolve, doesn't it?
Happy running

lindsay said...

i hate when i don't get out early on the weekends for my runs and it's HOT! nice job sticking it out and not giving up, especially while also being tired.

get those 50 miles!

chris mcpeake said...

Keep upping those miles. Looks like your training is going great.
Wouldnt be training without a few really tough days.

Jamie said...

You'll be hitting 50 miles weeks in no time! Nice job on the runs.

Anne said...

I think you'll break the 50-mile mark soon too. Good for you sticking to your training when the bed and A/C looks so much more inviting.


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