Saturday, August 8, 2009


Multi-tasking: The performance of multiple tasks at one time. This skill seems easy for my wife, but for me I have enough of a problem focusing on one thing at a time! But today as I went to the track for my speed work I realized I wasn't in condition to do the 4x1's @ 10k pace. To tired! I actually listened to my body!!
So as I warmed-up I devised another workout. I would do a 1x3200m at MP, one lap rest, and a 1x1600m at MP. Problem is I really don't have an MP pace?! What if I could find a pace that had some effort but I could comfortably hold it? And by comfortable I mean I'm able to think about other things besides running, but also stay tuned to my current effort.
So the effort was done with my mind multi-tasking! A 17:23 3200m. I took an easy lap and in the 90% humidity launched into the 1600m. All the while multi-tasking in my head! An 8:52 1600. So I probably have gotten closer to locating my MP, I hope. I finished out this week with 42.36 miles. Next week I keep building and will hope to add 10% reaching 46-47 miles. I also plan on a race next weekend.
The conference went good. I always take away good stuff! Bought a bunch of books. Here is an axiom I heard and loved-"not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers." Keep reading! Growing! I've decided to put some of the classics on my desk and get them read before I die! "War and Peace" is first! I've avoided that book for years! Peace!!


Chris said...


Marlene said...

Good call listening to your body and adjusting the workout. Sounds like a good one!

lindsay said...

nice job on the workout! always wise to listen to the body and adjust the running goals. those sub-9 paces get you a sub-4 marathon! :)

jel said...

had any one EVER Read that Book though ?

oh and "PEACE MAN" :)


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