Friday, August 7, 2009

In a Rush!

So I'm in a conference this week. I need speed work! What do I do? I sacrifice some of the conference! It starts in 39 min. I still need a shower and food, but I got the work-out in!! Plus the conference is there all day! Man I was exhausted last night from all the speakers and visiting,etc!
5.85 miles/55:51/ 9:32's- 8x.25miles with a quarter mile rest in between. I averaged well below 10k pace on the splits over this rolling course with some splits at 5k,3k and one at mile pace. It was a hearty work-out! Well, off to conference-preparing to sit a lot! But it's worth it, these deals are very helpful when you are a leader. Truth is leadership is difficult, challenging, and lonely at times. Yet I am one of those folks that is a natural born leader. Although I try to deny it I can't! I love to lead! Hope you do to, we all are leaders aren't we? Down to 31 minutes! Yikes!


lindsay said...

running is way more exciting than a conference :) way to put the real priority first and get the workout done! hope you weren't too late, and nice job on the speedy run.

Jamie said...

nice job squeezing a quality run in before sitting all day at the conference!

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