Friday, August 14, 2009

A Fistful of Miles

Tomorrows race+ some easy warm-up and cool down miles ought to get me my 46-47 miles this week. A couple of observations:
Recovery runs have great benefit! Keep the pace slow but the form good. Work out the kinks. Refuel. Rest; even while running.
Breaking training is like skipping can be fun! I ate a triple steak burger at Steak and Shake last night!
You can become addicted to the Garmin-I forced myself not to look at the watch today. I wanted to relax, not push or worry I wasn't fast enough. I do love the watch, though!!
You can run on the edge- we marathoners can run with injuries...but-you risk breaking down. It is a fine line. I am currently on the line now with the Achilles issue. I've been here before. I've broken down, and I've made it through. It is very important to stay humble.
So, just a fistful of miles to the best week yet! The goal for the race tomorrow is to string some really good mile splits together. I'd really like to get below 24 min.
Totals-6.23 miles/ 1:03:44/ 10:14's- route-"W" north-hilly.
Hope you have a great run, and weekend! Peace!


Jen's Journey said...

Thanks! I have not had any issues with my back while lifting so I am frustrated that I got hurt but I just went out for a lovely walk and it felt great.

Great job on your run - next week is my 6 mile run, for the first time on this new program I am on, I would be jumping up and down to have that time!!! Maybe someday!!

Jamie said...

Recovery runs are very beneficial! It took me awhile to figure that out :) And sometimes I choose to leave the garmin at home. It's nice to take a break!

nice job on the totals!

jel said...

wishing ya the best for tomorrow!

them burgers,AREvery good :)

Love to Run said...

Good Luck in the race. You have trained hard this week so don't be disappointed if the results don't go exactly how you wish.

Keep up the excellent training. I am very curious how all the hill training affects your marathon time.

DawnB said...

Nice week Mark, unfortunate for me all my training runs are recovery :)

lindsay said...

sounds like you are in a great place with running these days! hope the heel continues to not be bothersome and the race went well!


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