Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've seen it all now!

Alright! Out the door at 6:40 this morning. That is early, early for me! My mind was made up! 16 miles or bust! My fuel belt loaded 22oz of accelerade, two gu's and my phone, my hand held water bottle with 22oz water; heel feeling better than ever?! Off I went! My goal was to run smooth, easy, with good form, trying to knock off the best mile splits I could.
I headed north into Ozark. Friends, there are some really steep climbs on this course. I pushed on! I took a gu at 5.4 miles, sipping constantly on my water. I made it to eight miles in 1:29 flat and I turned around at that point. I called it eight mile rock because of the huge white rock at this spot.
Back up the steepest hill I've found out here yet! I kept the jog going! Oh! I forgot, back when I took the gu...some sort of bug flew in my mouth and bit or stung my tongue! I kid you not! I spit it out immediately but it hurt! I thought the tongue would swell but it's okay. Just before that, I was running by a pretty run down place, I saw a guy in just his boxers on the front porch with a gun! Turns out it was an air rifle, he was shooting at something that apparently was bothering him? I kinda sped up here!
Back to that hill....there was a kid mowing a yard along this hill and I saw him slip and fall while he was mowing! Very dangerous!
I really felt good as I made it back to the outskirts of town, Yet the hills began to take their toll and my pace really dived. I began to drink more, rationing the supply of my most precious cargo.
Anyway, made it home with only one spell of walking. I'm very encouraged today! The heel is barking a little, and I still have 18 holes of golf to play! Hope all is well with you, our marathons are getting closer!! Peace!!
Totals-16.05 miles/ 3:16.17/ 12:13's-degree of dfficulty-high-


lindsay said...

great job on the long run, especially for a weekday! yikes to underwear man with his gun... very unique, to say the least.

Marlene said...

Very nice! Way to redeem yourself.

Yikes, you never know what you're going to find out there, do you?!

Jamie said...

Wow great run! I would have sped up after seeing a man in his boxers shooting at annoyances :) Have fun on the 18 holes!

Chris said...

Very cool!

Anne said...

Boxers-bearing, gun-toting men...nearly crippled kid...bothersome bugs -- I'd say this run had it all.


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