Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Track be nimble Track be..(qu)ick."

I so needed some flat terrain! My only real option was the track. A beautiful day!! Breezy, 80ish, big white fluffy clouds, perfect! I'm really needing to train the body to run faster so I decided on a mile warm-up and three miles at HMP (half marathon pace) and I would finish the run with recovery pace reaching a total of seven miles. It went pretty good considering I was going into new territory today. I busted the 50 mile barrier! 50.22 total for this week!
Only two other people on the track during my time there. Both middle aged guys. They both had their shirt off...big ole' beer belly's! Ick! I applaud their efforts at trying to burn the fat off but come on! Wear a shirt dude! If anyone could of gone w/o a shirt it would of been me, but that's not my style.
Totals- 7.0 miles/ 1:04:38/ 9:13's. The three miles looked like this-8:30, 8:30, 8:33. I asked myself, "could I hold this pace for 26 miles?" I don't really know what I can do? Maybe I need some sort of test? So, one day of rest, tomorrow, and then I shoot for 50-55 miles next week.
Two things I believe I must do in order to break 4hrs. Run more miles, run faster. I tried today!
Hope things are going well for you, Peace!


Meg Runs said...

Great job, great goal! Do you do a tempo run at the track during the week? This helped me get faster in my marathons and it really is a great addition to your weekly training.

Jamie said...

7 miles on the track?!? Great job on the tempo run! And congrats on reaching 50 miles for the week!

Running, kind of. said...

hm, I would think that a half marathon could be a good test to see how long you could hold your pace. I found I can hold a 9:05 pace for 13.1 miles (at my peak). But i am not sure about for 26.2 miles.

Great workout today! Funny about the beer bellies busting out all around you!!!

Keep up the good work! A 50 mile week is awesome!!!

Marlene said...

Great work at the track and congrats on the 50 mile week!!!

Just_because_today said...

Run a 10K and that will give you an approx idea of what you'll do in a marathon. There is a formula to it.
Yeah, the guys with the shirt off...I wonder too.

lindsay said...

nice job on the mile repeats! there are almost always some interesting folks at the track, at least it distracted you a little from all those laps.


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