Monday, August 31, 2009

"One of those people!"

Yes, I am one of THOSE people! I went to the license bureau today, last day of the month...had to renew plates. Ugh...what a hassle! So I go to the Ozark town square, this is really a picturesque town, and entered the 1920ish facility. Take a number, sit and wait. I love to people watch and make friends and so I enjoyed myself immensely!!
I noted how most people like their bubbles...we sit with space between us! As I finally got my turn I began about a 10 minute interval of conversation with the teller. Finding out all about her, her family, her faith, her church, her life story, I'm one of those people! I get that statement from Andrea, the teller, she said I was one of those people that wait "till the last minute. Yep! That's me! One thing I observed today. There is a great difference between living and existing. Think about it!
I finally made it out the door today, seemed like everything was against my running.
Totals-7.03 miles/ 1:16:38/ 10:54's.
Current reality:
I am tired. Is fatigue a natural component of marathon training?
I'm running slower times? Is this normal with the additional mileage added?
My goal is 54-55 miles this week! I will try to run as far as possible tomorrow. My goal is to get up at 5:30 and get the run done early! Hope all is well with you! Peace!!


kara said...

So true. Why are we always in such a hurry?

Meg Runs said...

I really like vs. existing. How neat that you took the time to make a connection. I'm sure the teller won't soon forget you for taking the time to ask her about her life. Very sweet.

I had a "down" week with training a couple of weeks ago and it lasted all week. I was fatigued and a little unmotivated. Suddenly, the next week it lifted. Maybe this is a normal part of the training cycle?!

Ted said...

Your fatigue issue will go away once the cooler weather comes in.

Your post was quite good! I've enjoyed it.

Running, kind of. said...

I felt like I was just existing, going through the motions from day to day last year. Thank God I snapped out of it! I graduated school and got control of my life again and now I am LIVING every mile of it!!! It feels great!!! Like I have always said, running is my therapy!

Great post! And don't worry, I think you will get over your exhaustion hump. Think about it, you are pounding a lot of pavement and your body is tired, rightfully so! Be easy on yourself (emotionally because we all know you will physically keep logging the miles!)!


Jamie said...

I wait until the last minute to do EVERYTHING!
I have been very tired during training this time around. Not sure if it's because I'm trying a new program with more mileage than in past or I'm not eating and resting as well as I should be.

Bryan said...

I heard a poem recently that said it well.

On your tombstone, it's not your birth date or your death date that will matter most.

What matters most is the (dash) in between the two.

What will people say about your - ?

Great post Mark, God bless.

Marlene said...

Living vs. existing... so true! I love that you live to the fullest!

Make sure you take a 'fall-back' week now and then to allow yourself some recovery time. You're doing great!

lindsay said...

i am all about waiting til the last minute. you don't even want to know when my car taxes were due... ;) in my defense, they never mailed me the bill so how am i supposed to pay? now i'm just too slack to call and offer them my money.

i like that you tried to interact with strangers. it is weird how we try to avoid others as much as possible in waiting rooms, etc.


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