Monday, September 7, 2009


Do you remember the Ford Pinto?I had one of those for a brief time in High School, before I totaled it! I loved shifting that thing! I could squeal the tires in all four gears, plus I learned how to use the transmission to slow the vehicle by downshifting. It was a great car, to bad I took my eyes of the road for one stinkin' second and kaboom!! That's another story! I did live!
I am going to down shift this week, slow down but raise the rpm's. What I mean is I will lessen the miles but raise the pace speed. Today I headed to the track since school is out. I wanted some MP miles so I did a two mile warm-up and then five MP miles with a brief cool down. The temps are back to Summertime levels (YES!!). So the heat did take a little toll.
Totals- 7.25 miles/ 1:08:15/ 9:24's. Five solid MP miles with an 8:46 as the best and the last dropped to a 9:23. I will try to hit the track again Saturday, but I have two weddings that day! The first one is at 3pm, the second at 7pm. Life is a blast!! Hope all went well with you this weekend and to those that raced looking forward to reports! Peace!


Beth said...

Great workout at the track. Was the Pinto the one that would explode when hit from behind? I hope the weddings went well!

Marlene said...

Good idea to "downshift" (great analogy).

Congrats on those MP miles and have a good week!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME analogy! Mu husband drives a 1989 Honda. It's slow, but man, is it ever steady! Cheers to smart, consistent training!


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