Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flat Track-yes!!

Went to the local track. A beautiful day with overcast skies, cool temps, and rain showers off and on. I had no real plan so during my warm-up I assessed how I felt and what I could do...knowing I needed some MP training I decided on my "400MP push". This is a track workout I invented last Spring. It is a fast continuous run with alternating 400's. Every other 400 is a recovery lap at MP, and the alternate 400 is a push or faster than MP. It is a challenging workout. You have to be mindful of pace, but it trains your mind that MP is a recovery pace! I did 12 laps today before my body said enough. I did real well because each push lap was faster that MP, only prob was I died after 12 laps when I had 16 in my mind. So I finished with a lengthy cool down segment. I noticed how strong I feel on the flats! The hills have not only strengthened my legs, back, but my heart and lungs, too. I am encouraged!
I am considering a cutback week next week. Nothing definite but I might trim some miles and try to rest. actually slept 10 hours last night! In bed by 9pm and up at 7am!
Totals-6.35 miles/ 1:00:09/ 9:28's. 50.09 miles for the week. A PR! Two weeks in a row over 50! Pretty sure that will stand up for a while! Hope you have a great weekend! I get to spend the evening with Jared, my firstborn son and his wonderful wife Krystal, who I think is the most wonderful young lady!!!! Peace!


Jamie said...

Awesome workout! 12 repeats is incredible! After 2 weeks of 50+ miles you deserve a cut back week.

Anonymous said...

wow great mileage!!! you definitely deserve a cut-back! way to go!

Marlene said...

Congrats on another week over 50! Sounds like a good track workout. I like the idea of training yourself to think of MP as a recovery pace.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

lindsay said...

glad you had a great speed day and are feeling better from the 'ups and downs' :) sounds like a good workout to me, i like the idea of training the mind to think of MP as "easy".


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