Saturday, October 31, 2009

Antsy pantsy!

So, isn't it amazing how time flies! Seems like I just started this training segment. Tomorrow will tell how I did, I guess. The weather looks to be nearly perfect! Starting temp around 40 degrees with clear skies. Don't know about wind speed. Do know that I am antsy!
Here's what I plan on: Go out and try to post a 9:15 or so first mile then cruise to the HM mark at or just barely below 9's, stay controlled....try to keep the pace to 20 miles. Dig deep, be courageous and creative over the last 10K
Here is a brief overview of my talk during the morning sevice Bass Pro has; I'm billed as the guest speaker who is a marathoner ( only run 4?) and Preacher. Pretty cool, they've really promoted this service so I'm pretty excited.

Low key and audience participation!

How has running changed you?
Why are you racing?
I will give one answer to this second Q. We race to enjoy the change running brings!
I transition from the physical/mental change, to the spiritual change. Text- 2 Corinthians 5:17
I won't be using a Bible, but memory.
Then I ask-How do we really enjoy these changes during a race?
We use trustworthy sayings! (mantras if you will)
Get 'em to share- Ex- hold on! Stay smooth-etc,

Here are three-
1) Stay smart from the start- pacing fueling- analogies to the Christian life using Joshua as an example
2) Test the Limits- Know that you will be challenged, assaulted by the stressers!
Testing will come! Using story out of Genesis to illustrate the fact that testing will come!
Trust in your training! Stay cool! Steady- You are able! Recite a familiar verse-Phil 4:13
3) Go the distance- One of my favorite movies-Field of Dreams-
See things through- Point A to point B-
Insurmountable barriers-cramps-why am I doing this-never again-doubt-despair?
Here is where you can really discover the change!
Wisdom!-Using another well know verse- Ill: personal experience

Conclusion- Today we will enjoy the change! We will make new discovery! We will finish the race! Good luck and God bless-
We're talkin' 20 minutes or so-
Wish me luck....I'll probably post pretty soon after the race. Peace


Meg Runs said...

Gosh, I'm so excited for you and I do like your service piece...I was particulary struck by "trust" message..."trustworthy sayings(never heard that one)" and trusting even though testing will come. That is what "the walk" or should I say "the run" is all about. Tremendous message. HAVE FUN!!!

Suzy said...

Have a wonderful race tomorrow. When do you do your service piece? Can't wait to hear how the race goes.

Marlene said...

What a wonderful way to start your race tomorrow. Best of luck with the service. You'll do great inspiring those runners!

Sounds like you have a great game plan in place. Stick to it. Run smarft, run strong.

May the wind be at your back!!

Thanks for all of your support - I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Go get it, Mark!

Tim Fitz said...

Have a great race!

Beth said...

Good Luck! You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. You have trained and planned well for both your talk and your race, and I'm sure both will change you for the better. Yes, 4 marathons makes you an official marathoner. Dig deep and have fun!!

Anonymous said...

i love it:)))))))春夏秋冬,民宿,

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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