Friday, October 9, 2009

Miles to go....

We received 6.2 inches of rain out here. Yes, I'm now officially and old person! They always have rain gauges, you know!
The rain finally stopped and I set out to put in a 7.5 miler. I went the way of the most hills today. Over these past six months of living out here I've noticed a definite increase in strength. I wonder how it will play out in the marathon?
However; I'm hitting the flats tomorrow!! Yee Haw!! Flat track day. My hope is to log as many MP miles as possible, preferably 13-14 of 'em. That would push me over the fifty mile mark, too.
The only little problem might be this, and your opinion is valued, my last true long run will have been a week ago last Monday, will that make a difference? I always would run my last long run three weeks or so out from the marathon, but the longest run this week will be tomorrows.
It is what it is and the last day before taper is tomorrow! I am pumped!
Best of luck to my blogging friends who are running marathons this weekend. Bill, Chanti, Jamie, and others...good luck and Godspeed!
Totals-7.5 miles/ 1:25:39/ 11:25's. Peace!!


Meg Runs said...

One run until taper, you can do it.

Anne said...

I think if your longest run is three weeks out from a marathon, you're still safely trained and ready. You must might feel it sooner during the actual race. But you've done the tough part and what you don't want is to do a long, long run a week or two before the actual race. You won't recover in time.

Jamie said...

You'll be fine. You've been in some serious training and are ready to go.

lindsay said...

i wouldn't say you're old until you can "feel" the rain coming in your joints ;)

hope you had a good, productive-running weekend!


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