Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wet Feet!

So I tried to beat the storms by heading out for an early run. We are expecting very heavy rains and cooler temps. I looked at the radar and the front was way North and West. I guess I wasn't aware how fast the front was moving! OOPS! Caught again in the middle of a storm!
I had made up my mind to go at least 9 miles so When the front hit, suddenly, I was 4.7 miles from home. I turned and high tailed it homeward. Here came the cold front! BRRR...high winds, heavy rains, I kinda liked it!? At least the wind was behind me, I had my running hat on so I was protected. My shoes got soaked, but I felt better than anytime this week.
Towards the end of the run I began to hurt, but it is the good kind of hurt that is necessary to experience. The hills have a way of zapping you.
Totals-9.41 miles/ 1:38:52/ 10:30's. Best run in a while. Thanks for all the encouragement. I've needed it this week. I appreciate you guys and your thoughts and words. You all are the best!
So I need two more efforts this week with the focal run Saturday; a long MP.
Lots of you all are going to Chicago. I've never been there! Good luck Jamie! Chanti! And anyone else I missed. I hear tell it is a great marathon! Peace


Love to Run said...

I like running in the rain as well, Mark. Looks like I may have that weather for me on Saturday at WhistleStop. Forecast right now call for 60% chance of rain/snow, race time Temp of 33, winds of 13 mph. At least the winds are suppose to come from the west and the race predominately goes west to east.

Keep up the great trainign now!

Marlene said...

Glad to hear you had a GREAT run and didn't let Mother Nature stop you. Nothing like a good old windy, rainy, stormy run now and then!

Running, kind of. said...

Great run in a torrential downpour!? Awesome! My family is in OKlahoma and they have been telling me all about thr rain! Hope you have clear skies for your MP run Sat!

Beth said...

Its funny... I never go out for a run if its raining already, but I don't seem to mind if I'm "stuck" out already. I'm glad you enjoyed your little adventure in the storm and made it home safely.

The Big Blue Dog said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement Mark! It really helps after a day like yesterday! Hope you have a great weekend.

Jamie said...

Thanks Mark!

Glad to hear you had a good run despite the weather. Sometimes it's nice to have a run in the rain!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Like Beth, I rarely ever start a run when it's raining. But there is something satisfying about completing a run in less than perfect conditions. Glad it was a good one for you.


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