Saturday, February 20, 2010


The weather man missed it!!! It's 56 degrees outside!! They said it would be 40's with cold rain!? Poor folks...what a job!
I finished out my simple little week of three runs @ 40 minutes each (total) with 10 min of hill repeats on the end. I am on a slow rebuild and that's okay.
Next week I will level out- I will still run 120 minutes but in four sessions with the 10 minute HR segment on the end. I have been increasing by 10% each week for four weeks. Now I rest for a week and begin the 10% increase again.
The body has responded well as even today, as I didn't feel it, I still knocked off two good miles!
I am still thinking about downhill repeats! I am wondering where they would fit into the training schedule, and what benefit would be gained. I've been practicing my form (flys) and the yanking of the heel really works!
My neighbor has kind of ruined the day...he's burning something and has filled the valley with smoke! So I smoked the hills today! Four of em!! Hope all is well with you and today I'm excited because Spring is really close....I can smell it...whoops, no...that's the smoke! Peace!!


jel said...

that smoke is part of spring :)

take care!

Meg said...

Despite the heavy rain last night, it looks like spring is here! Thank goodness there is no "smoking" nor burning around here. Actually, last night on my run I smelled curry cooking at a local restaurant and that kind of spoiled my appetite but I guess that's better than smoke!

Beth said...

It's great when the weather guessers get it wrong and the weather is better, not worse. It is like a an unexpected present. Glad you are doing so well!

DawnB said...

The last couple of days here been outstanding just wish more time out there

Marlene said...

Glad to see that you're feeling strong with the building... bonus on the great weather!

lindsay said...

the weekend weather was beautiful! i didn't get in those hill repeats 'cause i ran a hilly race instead but i thought of you!


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