Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love the Olympics! The Downhill Skiers are awesome! Watching one take a tumble is a fearful thing! That's kind of how I've felt in regards to my running for two months! Tumbling downhill! Finally, I think I may have come to stop...stood up...and looked back up the hill!

This week is a beginning. I will start adding 10% to each run this week. Therefore I ran for 33 minutes today with 4 hill repeats. The roads are still wet and slushy in spots but not bad at all. The achilles feels almost as good as new! Ah....hope springs eternal!!

A funny thought occured to me when I woke up today? I wondered how many days I'd been alive and which number today was? Turns out today is number 19,950! I'd like to run more miles than days lived. I'm behind by over a 1,000! I'm an odd bird...huh?

33 minutes of running bliss! Peace!


Meg said...

Hmmm...I've never thought about how many days I've been alive. You are a curious one, Mark. Curious as in inquisitive and thoughtful. Nice job with the 10% and the hills! Keep the niggle going please! Hey, I dare you to try to use it in your next post!

Anonymous said...

interesting stats! glad the achilles is doing well

kara said...

I've never heard that challenge before! Noway - I'm not saying how many days OLD I am - LOL
Keep on running

Jen said...

Intriguing to say the least!

Beth said...

That's wonderful that your heel feels as good as new. Yeah!!

Marlene said...

That's a lot of days, but you've also run a lot of miles!

I hope you have your groove back!

Terri said...

Mark you know you should never ask a woman her age but especially never ask her how many days old she is!=) Glad to hear the achilles issues are almost behind you.
Press on brother!

Love to Run said...


I love the Olympics as well. I prefer the Summer Olympics but still like the Winter ones. I even went to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. On some of my runs at the Pettit Center, I have seen a few of the Long Track Speed Skating Olympians training. It is really cool.

Bill (14,320 days old)


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