Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Work-out-"The Snow Plow"

So we ended up with around 8 inches of the fluffy white stuff. Since my treadmill toasted, I was knocking off 8 min miles when it stopped, I'm relegated to outdoor cardio.
Doesn't look too runnable out here yet. My driveway is long and wide so I tackled it with my trusty snow shovel. Now being 54 years old I'm a great candidate for the ole' heart attack, right?
I started slow, got warmed-up and developed a new work-out called the "snow plow". I finished in under two hours dripping wet with sweat! And my driveway is clear! Guess I could run up and down it?!
I was hoping to take another hike but this effort will be enough for today. I will probably not run until Monday, but what matters is getting the heart rate up there and sustaining an effort. I will be back to racing form even if it kills me....?
Other notes- We have five bird feeders that are very active. Yesterday we noticed two hawks that were preying on our birds! Amazing and spectacular is nature!
This snow reminded me of many good times I had as a child and as a Dad. Somewhat melancholy because of the empty nest and no one to play with....Sandy's not much for building snow forts!. Peace!


Suzy said...

Shoveling snow is a workout in itself! No reason to run after moving how many pounds of snow. Enjoy your winter wonderland

Marlene said...

Sounds like a great workout....way to get out there.

Meg said...

Gosh, some days I just hate the empty nest. I miss those days too...well, not the SNOW playing since we don't have snow but just the playing in general. Didn't you possibly have an answer to that problem and what's going on with that?

kara said...

I love the snow and miss it around Christmas time. (I grew up in Northern Canada.)
As for shoveling snow - that can be a strenuous workout for sure!
Many folks have had heart attacks doing that very workout... But you're way to healthy to worry about that.
; )

Jen said...

Shoveling definitely is a workout. Be sure to bend those knees too.

I love summer and woud prefer to run in 90 degrees than snaow anyday!


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