Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long run, Huh?

Today I covered 3.65 miles! That is my long run! That really is kinda funny and sad at the same time. But I am at least able to run w/o any pain! I am trying so hard to get back to a solid base so I could begin marathon training. It isn't looking to good for a marathon this year, though. It all depends on the ankle and heel.
I will go one more week with 30 minutes a run, trying for five runs. I had a great round of golf yesterday. I was looking at carding another sub 80 but # 17 got me for a triple Bogey! Ugh! Finished with an 81.
My game is as good as it's ever been, I'm playing with tons of confidence. I hope my running game comes back as good. Peace!


Jamie said...

Congrats on the pain free long run! You are doing great on the comeback! And awesome job on the 81! That's a great round of golf!

Meg said...

Running without pains means a lot. Nice work.

Marlene said...

Hey, the term "long" is relative. You are doing great!!


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